Here is a custom-ordered playlist of videos I have used in my research and implementation of Intermittent Fasting (IF) since June 25th, 2017. Most days are 18 hours or more of IF, followed by a 6-hour eating window (6:30PM – 12:30AM, due to my work schedule). My longest fast has been 38 hours. Several days have been 24 hours; several days have been 16/8’s; and there have been a few 12-hour days. I have mostly stuck with a ketogenic diet for nutrition during the last few weeks–after testing for and confirming a state of fasted ketosis–with plans to continue with ketogenic nutrition as I do more IF in the future. The only reason I have yet to undertake a Long-term Fast (LF) is due to my work. I have plans to do an 84-hour fast at some point. To date, I have metabolized about 23 pounds of fat while mostly retaining my muscle. Though I have realized a great deal of fat loss, my fasting research and personal exploration are more for Therapeutic Fasting (TF) reasons (see Why I Fast).

I want to stress that while the fat loss is great, there are many more important health benefits to be realized from Therapeutic Fasting.

I urge you to spend the time with this ordered series of videos to increase your knowledge of IF, and to consider an IF lifestyle change in the interest of wellness; doing so can help you avoid the financial and illness pitfalls we see with unnecessary/erroneous/botched medical procedures and related pharmaceuticals ($$$$$); not all pharmaceuticals, but there are certainly a great many unnecessary pharmaceuticals. I don’t want to fail to mention The Placebo Effect here, as well.

I have spoken with many friends who have attempted IF who tell me they just couldn’t do it, that the hunger sensations were too strong (the hunger hormone ghrelin), therefore they abandoned it.

I do more than just IF and have a theory about why I have found it to be fairly easy: About two months prior, I started daily breathing techniques and cold exposure therapy (cold showers/colder baths 68-57 degrees). Such techniques and therapies stemmed from my meditative practice/pursuits over the past 8 years (about an hour a day during the past year) and my attempts at living without pharmaceuticals (there are absolutely ways to do it, and I hope to remain living proof at 49 and beyond); I have even abandoned the use of NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen. My breathing technique triggers epinephrine, and the cold exposure triggers norepinephrine (two forms of adrenaline, which is also a natural appetite suppressant). Also, IF/TF/LF puts your body into a state of ketosis and triggers the release of norepinephrine.

I could go on and on and will be posting more information/videos. Take control. You ARE a pharmacy. This IS internal medicine. Many drugs are designed to trigger the very same things in your body, but often come with side effects, contraindications, dangerous drug-drug interactions, and the financial issues associated with going back to legal drug dealers to get permission to buy unnecessary and increasingly more expensive pharmaceuticals.

You are more powerful than you realize. ~ bobby