I am just trying to create a resource to help others. I don’t want to create any notion of bias based in a [false] impression of a commercial agenda, as I do not have one. I simply want to share from my years of personal health and wellness research and experience. That being said, I will be linking to and featuring resources I have discovered and vetted (to my satisfaction) that may derive an income and/or expect to profit from their work (as professionals).

Don’t expect many “bells and whistles” here. I am more interested in investing my time in research and helping others than making this resource look fancy.

If you find areas of this site that require a password, it’s because I prefer to limit unknown traffic to those resources. I also don’t really care for search engines to crawl this resource and offer it in their results. This is more of a personal resource for friends, friends of friends, and family–at least at this point.

As to the ketogenic [diet] aspect of this resource: I am not trying to do much of the recipe thing, such as a keto pizza, keto ice cream. et al. I am leaving the recipe stuff and the “what to take the party” stuff to others. I am more interested in sustaining the many benefits of therapeutic, intermittent, and longer-term fasts using a ketogenic diet for nutritional ketosis.

Ultimately, as I am approached more and more by interested people, I think a conversation about [their goals] with this stuff is paramount. I prefer to spend time with people, as I have time, who are having health issues, or are interested in chronic disease prevention.

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